A dedicated state of art Tool Room HCMIBEX ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., with CAD/CAM facilities supports the die casting division. The Tool Room operates a separate profit center and is set up as a joint venture with HCM Engineering, UK, which bring in over 45 Years of expertise in High Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting  and low pressure die casting tool manufacturing.

HCMIBEX due to the UK association has successfully evolved a business model of supplying low cost tooling to the UK and European die cast shops. HCM, in the UK, acts as an interface with UK/European die cast shops. It offers Design inputs, GA approval and small modifications on the tooling sent from India, a service that no other company from a low end source can offer.

Tool & Die Manufacturers


This business unit is equipped with:

1) Makino S33 high speed vertical machining centers from
     Makino/Table size of 650mm X 450mm
2) Makino S56 high speed vertical machining centers
      from  Makino/Table size of 900mm X 500mm
3) Makino F8 high speed vertical machining centers /
     Table size of 1300mm X 800mm
4) Makino EDGE 2 CNC sparking machine   /
     Table size of 400mm X 300mm
5) Die spotting press from Resis, large bed CMM and a 
      host of  other conventional machines

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