Magnesium pressure die casting

Magnesium pressure die casting

While Magnesium pressure die casting , the fused material is injected into the mould at high pressure and with high speed. Appropriate for die casting are primarily metallic materials with a low fusing point like aluminium alloys (in the first place Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu und Al-Mg) and zinc or magnesium.

The mould comprises two halves, with one half attached to the moveable plate of the die-casting machine and the other to the fixed die platen located on the plunger-side.The mould is usually sprayed with a releasing agent before casting. Large forces hold the two halves of the mould together during the casting process.

The pressure produced during casting is maintained until the end of solidification. The mould is then opened and the part is ejected. The remains, sprues and overflows are remolten again.

Customized producer of Magnesium pressure die castings. Obtainable with low density, larger energy to density ratio, increased conductivity, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance and plenty of different properties. Varied capabilities embody milling, drilling, tapping, threading, countersinking, pocketing, profiling, reaming, chopping, dealing with, engineering and analysis and growth. Used for fluid connectors, valves, warmth exchangers, bearings, crushers, loaders, shovels and plenty of different purposes. Automotive, meals packaging, cooking tools, home equipment, window frames, doorways and different industries served. JIT stock packages accessible.


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