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Tool and Die Manufactures Delhi has an on site toolroom that manufactures and maintains production tooling. The toolroom is equipped with a number of high speed CNCs for hard metal machining of moulds, spark eroders, wire cutters and a range of grinders, lathes and machining centres. All the equipment has backup machinery to ensure high reliability of delivery of tooling within scheduled lead times.

Tool and Die Manufactures Delhi is an industry that uses general and specialized metal cutting technology to fabricate dies, molds and toolings employed to convert raw material into a required shape. The common products of this sector include dies (simple, compound and progressive), molds (for forging, plastics injection or blow molding, die casting, glass blow molding) and tools, e.g. jigs and fixtures used for cutting and shaping different materials. Molds are shaping implements for glass, metal, rubber and plastics components through processes such as die casting, blow molding or sheet stamping. Both molds and dies are used to give a material a final or intermediate shape thus these products are found at the forefront of the shaping and fabrication industries. Tool and dies normally are ready to use products either as standalone (molds) or as an attachment to a machine (die).

The products of the Tool and Die Manufactures Delhi are typically made by mold and die makers using general, conventional and specialized metal cutting technology, like computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting machines, employing special tool steel materials which are either pre-hardened or which undergoes heat treatment after the desired tool has been cut to shape. The skill levels of mold and die makers are of the craftsmen level which requires talent and experience, although the use of CNCs improves the productivity of some.

The Philippine government recognizes that the tool and die industry is an important complement to other manufacturing activities. Through the Metal Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), it fully supports and promotes the tool and die industry and engages its stakeholders particularly the Philippine Die and Mold Association (PDMA). The PDMA collaborates with the associations of related industries, including the Motor Vehicles Part Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (MVPMAP), Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines (MIAP), and Philippine Metalcasting Association, Inc. (PMAI).

At present, there are about 170 firms in the tool and die industry, mostly SMEs, currently providing input materials to key manufacturing activities of the country, including automotive and electronics manufacturing. These are engaged in such activities as die casting and forging; electronics and semiconductor tooling; metal stamping; and plastic, rubber, and packaging.

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