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Tool and Die in Kerala offers exceptional product value by offering one stop, concept to completion, metal forming solutions. Utilizing only the best technology available, ATD incorporates a quality management system registered for ISO/TS 16949 2009 certification. We proudly serve a diverse range of manufacturers who depend on us for the quality and performance of their products and operations.

5,Tool and Die in Kerala

MetriCan’s extensive Tool Build Capacity is exceeded only by its Tool Build experience. More than 30 years of full range Progressive, Hand and Mechanical Transfer Tooling experience. A large and experienced group of highly skilled and trained craftsmen underlies Metrican’s ability to deliver the highest quality tooling.

MetriCan’s extensive validation equipment includes a full range of try-out presses and inspection equipment, MetriCan delivers tooling that consistently exceeds customer requirements.

Whip CityT ool and Die in Kerala designs tooling for our customer’s products. Tool & die makers produce tools, dies and special guiding and holding devices that enable Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines to manufacture a variety of products. Toolmakers craft precision tools that are used to cut, shape and form materials. Die makers construct metal forms (dies) that are used to shape metal stampings. In addition to developing and producing new tools and dies, our tool & die makers also repair worn and damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures.

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation designs and builds tooling for production parts (metal stampings) to be made at our customer’s facility or at Whip City Tool & Die Corporation. In-house customer tooling, used to produce metal stampings, is maintained by replacing worn or broken punches, sharpening die sections, etc. Customer drawings (part prints), control plans, inspection reports, etc. are controlled to the part’s most current revision. Whether Whip City Tool & Die Corporation is making your first production part (metal stamping) or the millionth, quality is consistent. Tool and Die in Kerala

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