Gravity Diecasting in Delhi

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Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Diecasting in Delhi molten aluminium is poured into a metallic tool. The casting temperature is about 750°C. The tolerances and surface finish are good. The use of sand cores in gravity die casting enables casting of very complex components.

Gravity Diecasting in Delhi method is competitive casting method when production quantity is relatively small or when heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties. This casting method gives better tolerances and surface finish than sand casting. The tooling costs are somewhat higher than by sand casting.


Gravity die casting can also be referred to as chill casting or permanent mould casting.  Gravity casting is the process of pouring molten metal into steel or cast iron moulds where there is no force other than gravity. Once the metal has solidified the mould is opened and the casting is taken out.  As they come from metal moulds it offers very good dimensional accuracy which is consistently repeatable.  Due to the more expensive tool cost compared to sand casting, generally minimum quantities are 300 parts per year.  Although usually geared to lower volumes, gravity die casting tools can be automated to suit very large volumes.  Castings can be used in many different sectors including automotive, lighting, oil and gas, medical, electronics, ministry of defence.  There is also a wide choice of alloys to choose from including LM6, LM9, LM16, LM25, ZA3 and ZA12.Gravity Diecasting in Delhi


  • Lowerstart up costs compared to high pressure casting
  • Higher casting rate than sand casting
  • Low gas porosity possible
  • Less finishing and better surface finish than sand casting
  • Undercuts can be produced using sand cores
  • Castings can be heat treated
  • Greater mechanical and physical properties compared to sand casting


  • Minimum wall thickness possible is 3-5mm
  • Complex shapes achievable
  • Very good dimensional accuracy offering stability and repeatability
  • Minimum taper is 1 degree
  • Tolerance up to 25mm is +/- 0.4mm.  Each additional 25mm add on +/-o.02mm

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