The entire process of manufacturing takes place in a well equipped facility with a total built up of over 50,000sqft. using established engineering practices. Here's a snap shot of the machinery installed at the facility:

  • 150T Zitai, fully automatic cold chamber die casting machine
  • 250T (2Nos.) Zitai, fully automatic cold chamber die casting machine
  • 420T Zitai, fully automatic cold chamber CNC die casting machine
  • DAK580T M/s. Frech real time control machines with STRIKO WESTOFEN dosing furnace
  • DAK720T M/s. Frech real time control machine with open Electric holding furnace
  • QC640T M/s. Frech machine with Rauch MDO 250 Magnesium melting cum holding furnace

The largest casting that is presently produced in our facility is about 3.5Kg with multiple steel inserts and a total shot weight of 5.5Kg. Our real time control die casting machines provide for highly repeatable process with reduced casting rejections and are the most preferred equipment for some of our customers producing safety critical parts for the auto industry.

A central melting Tower furnace of 700Kg/hr capacity along with a couple of BT furnaces of 500Kg capacity provide for molten metal to each of the Electric holding furnaces near the die casting machines.

Post die casting operations like fettling and trimming are carried out by semi-automatic machines. Drilling is carried out on conventional machines using spacial fixtures to keep costs low.

Surface finishing operations like shot blasting and vibro finishing are carried out in-house along with vacuum impregnation to supply pressure tight castings.