Tool Manufactures in kerala

Magnesium die castings,Tool Manufactures in kerala

Tool Manufactures in kerala(or hard tooling) is about productivity and efficiency. When a metal part is required in sufficient quantity, hard tooling can stamp them out most efficiently using a punch press.

Hard tooling is commonly used in auto parts manufacturing and numerous other industries.

For more than 80 years, DTE (Detroit Tool and Engineering) has been building, repairing, and refurbishing large, complex tool and die build packages to many industries including HVAC, appliance, heavy truck, automation, agricultural, electrical, and lighting businesses. Based in Lebanon, Missouri, our staff members have, on average, more than two decades of tool and die manufacturing experience.

Our focus on value, reliability, and professionalism means our customers receive only the highest quality solution-based tool and die equipment. In addition to quality workmanship in metal stamping, die building and refurbishing, we also provide a one-stop source for equipment and projects ranging from stand-alone machines to integrated systems.Tool Manufactures in kerala

DTE’s tool and die capabilities

Our 3D design and simulation software allows DTE to show the customer the design and function before actually manufacturing the die. Our engineers can produce short stamping run dies, manual and automatic gag tooling and provide the customer with the ability to move from manual dies to progressive dies.  Many customers appreciate our ability to create in-press changeovers. We can also incorporate automation into an existing tool and die product line to enhance flexible manufacturing.  In addition, DTE has a heat treat facility, vertically integrated machining and a quality department.Tool Manufactures in kerala

The types of dies we design and build include:

  • blank and form dies, including compound blank dies, pierce and trim dies, wipe dies, v-form and crush-form dies
  • progressive dies, with capabilities of running four different coil widths with no out-of-press changeover requirement
  • cam dies with trim stations and cam return flange stations that wipe the flange underneath the part (we can build a stand-alone cam table to increase manufacturing capacity)
  • transfer dies with stations for drawing, cutting, and forming, as well as building the transfer fingers
  • draw dies that stretch the material down over a form punch to shape the material into a specified part
  • super-high precision lamination dies (also called stator/rotor dies) for the electric motor/generator industry


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